Ontario Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (OCANDS) is designed to be a provincial level database composed of the various child welfare agencies’ administrative data from across the province that also allows linkages to other databases (e.g. ONLAC, MAP database, Crown Ward database). OCANDS will enable Ontario’s child welfare agencies to generate timely and relevant evidence that can be used to more effectively manage and deliver services for the multiple and complex challenges faced by our most vulnerable children.

OCANDS database is a child-specific, event-level, longitudinal database that has the capacity to follow children and families from initial report straight through to termination of services for crown wards and those on extended care and maintenance. In short, the OCANDS database includes the entire set of possible events that can occur (and recur) throughout the life of a case at an agency. This includes: initial allegations, investigations, dispositions, corresponding decision-making tools (e.g., safety, risk, family strengths and needs, etc.), as well as child placement information (e.g., type and duration of each placement, etc.).

OCANDS has a web-based, dynamic reporting tool that will provide each participating agency with information about its performance on available measures, along with a comparison to the provincial norm.